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Just about any kite is repairable, or should I say, worth repairing.

Only when the kite has seen many hours of UV and is getting quite brittle and tears easily, should you consider whether it is not worth getting repaired.

My name is James and I work in North Balwyn, just off the Eastern Freeway, Doncaster Road exit, about 20 minutes from the city.  Hours are flexible.

Best to give me a call on 0403 011 062 to make a time as I am not always there.

To give a rough idea of repair cost:
Per metre of tear is about $60 plus a handling cost of $25
If it involves opening up the leading edge, that’s about $30. Some of the newer kites have fine webbing sewn over the seam of the leading edge which is a right pain to undo and re-stitch. Add another $20 for those.
I can do some bladder repairs. If the leak is obvious is a good start. I have done tears up to a metre successfully. Leaks around valves are more difficult to get right, and if you’re not sure where the leak is, you’re looking at about $90 just to extract the bladder, find and fix the leak, and put the bladder back in. Best if you can do the extraction and leak locating yourself.

With all repairs, it speeds the process if the kite is clean and free of salt, sand and dirt.
Extra charge if the kite is presented very salty or sandy because of having to clean the kite and my workspace and machines afterwards.

I’ve been making yacht and sailboard sails in Melbourne for 30 years, and repairing kites for about 10.   You can check the Seabreeze forums for feedback. I’m told there’s good comments there.
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